Mucho Macs 'n stuff

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Jumping Ship

As expected, a lot of people are jumping from the Microsoft ship after the Vista debacle was unleashed. The issues don't seem to be bugs or problems, most people are used to those by now, but price. No one wants to pay big bucks for an OS and the hardware requirements make buying new computers pricey. Read this from the French

Everyone thought that there would be more Mac adopters after Vista but it seems people are going the freeware route. Given the main issue of people using Vista seems to be price and the cost premium of Macs it doesn't seem surprising. Their loss, I guess.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I Heart OS X

So I've been playing around a lot with Linux lately, and I do mean a lot. Ubuntu, Mandriva, Freespire, gOS, Xubuntu, Dream Linux, Fedora. The list goes on. A lot of these had some good stuff about them but I came to one conclusion, I love OS X. There's only one and there's a reason I love it. It works, very well. Yay OS X

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Vista Bad...Mac Good

Well it's been a while but that doesn't mean I'm short on things to say. Much to my chagrin Windows has been taking up a good bit of my time lately. While visiting my in-laws for the holidays a power outage occurred while their computer was transferring files. It made Windows go bye bye. I tried to reinstall Windows on one of the drives but it wouldn't boot from the CD. I couldn't figure out how to access the bios so I decided to try it on the other drive. That just sent me in a vicious circle of partitioning, formatting, and copy the install files. Windows would just go through the motions and reboot, landing right back in the install. For the life of me I couldn't get it into the graphical phase of installing Windows. Eventually I figured out how to get into the bios, although that was pretty freakin difficult trying to figure out what I needed to set as everything was in Spanish. I eventually I got it. On my return I set to work on the old THinkPad that I thought I fried. My magic hands revived it but the random reboots persisted. I cracked open an old laptop I had on hand and took out the cooling fans to try and replace the ThinkPad's. That was a bitch to do. Then the fan didn't even work. So I put in the original fan, still have the random reboot problem. I even tried running it with 3 different power supplies. It seems to run fine off the battery, all 30 minutes of it's remaining life, so it must be power related. But what? HMMM. I even ordered a new processor for it. I got myself a Pentium III special on ebay for cheap. I'll go from 300 mhz to 600 mhz. Talk about power!
Then my brother calls. Even though I told him to get a Mac he bought a Dell box with Vista. He couldn't install his new game, apparently he didn't have admin rights, even though he did. So then he bought another game. That gives him a memory dump error when he tries to run it. I swear. I told him it's just a Vista problem. He didn't like that. I explained that Vista is like an autistic child, let it alone in the corner to do it's thing and it's fine. Try and alter it or make changes and it will freak out! At least one of my brothers listened to me and bought a Mac.