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Tuesday, September 18, 2007


And I had pity on this guy for having to wait for an iPhone. Turns out he did better than everyone. I had cheaters. If you can't get one from your old pal Steve Jobs don't cut in line with John Q. Public to get one. Not cool.

Friday, September 7, 2007


Touche, Touche. It's true, this article
is totally true. Very good argument.

Oh Steve. People are royally pissed at him over the whole iPhone price cut. But you know what? That happens, much more than you think. Take new cars. When they first come out the price is high and stays high for a while. GM is the worst at this. They introduce a vehicle and the price starts out high. Then, after the manufacturing and set-up costs are recouped to some degree, the price drops. The same goes for lots of products, not just cars and computers. Can you go back and return your car because someone else got a better price? No. Regardless of it being 'just business' it's still a dick move, especially when the iPhone was over priced to begin with. Way over priced. The iPhone advertising campaign was a truly successful exercise in the gullibility of people. Did they not think Apple would make changes? Typically the Apple method is to release a product 8x better to get you to buy UP for more money because it's a must-have. Here's an interesting analysis of Steve's rationale for dropping the price. It's kind of a feasible argument on why the price drop happened. The important thing to remember, though, is that Jobs wasn't the sole person who made the decision. He alone can't control the prices. There are many people behind the scenes that are in on the decision. Regardless, Jobs is a control freak with an ego the size of Texas. But he does deliver and he's passionate as anyone about what he does. Although this may be true, he's not the only one to blame in this fiasco, he's just the most visible perpetrator.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

New Kit and Shit

It's been a while since I posted but as long as my last post was I figured I'd give everyone a chance to digest my words.
What's up with blogger? I can't post a picture. Sorry. It wouldn't let me do links or pictures last night either but I was using Safari. No one loves Safari I guess, not even blogger.
So the new iPods are out. I have to say the Touch iPod has won me over. It's everything the iPhone is but sans phone. I love it. What grabs me is the wi-fi. I love wi-fi, especially in small devices. Fucking stellar. Plus it has the iPhone interface? I'm sold. Where do I sign? I have to say the new Nanos are kind of weird. Jury's still out on that one. Same with the new Shuffle colors. yuck. What kills me is that the touch version won't even be out until the end of the month. The nano won't even be here until the weekend. I guess the anticipation gets the sales. Check out Fake Steve Jobs, he's got some funny shit about it.