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Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Here's a very interesting take on Apple's new Numbers program. From someone at Microsoft of all places! I guess it's from the Microsoft Business unit, the folks that make Office for Mac, so it's kind of expected that they have a more open mind. Man, I really want to get iWork '08!! If I hadn't blown all my money at Ikea this weekend I would. Stupid Ikea.

The author really hits on something I've believed for a very long time: Compatibility is what makes great software. The more compatible, the more useful and versatile. I think this really extends into the Mac vs. PC debate. If you can use it on both platforms then the real issues, such as reliability and hardware preference, can come out and that's really where the Mac wins. The two chief complaints of PC users are not being able to use a program on the Mac platform and the high cost of Mac hardware. If you eliminate the lack of use issue then the price premium for the hardware might be more appealing to people because you're not paying the high price plus the 'handicap' of not having all the software you want. Apple's definitely on track with the Intel chips because that's a start to cross platform compatibility. I don't expect Apple to be licensing their OS in the near future but I imagine that there will be more programs that can go between Mac and Windows platforms.

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