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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

733 mhz Quicksilver processor in a 533 mhz Digital Audio

So here's what I've learned. You can stick a 733 mhz processor from a Quicksilver into a 533 mhz digital audio motherboard. Yes, it's true. But here's the kicker: You get NO performance gain. As a matter of fact, the 533 mhz DA BEATS the 733 mhz. (I'll post the xbench and geekbench results later). Seriously, I was stunned too. But this is logical as the 733 has no L3 cache. Why, I don't know. So there's something you can try at home. Just be aware that you need to add 12v of power to the fourth mounting point of the processor. This is easy to do, just buy a power connector extender, cut the wires from the connector, take the yellow one and put a loop wring on it (shield the other wires) and attach it to the card with a 5/16 screw/nut combo. Fires right up! From what I've read you can do this magic trick with ANY processor from a Quicksilver (mirror door procs. don't work). But if you do this and screw up your computer you didn't hear it from me. I give no guarantee for your actions! You can only do this with a digital audio motherboard, not with a Gigabit or AGP graphics board. Well, technically you can do it with those boards but you need to hack off the motherboard side IDE connector for the DVD rom for clearance.

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