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Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I had to go for some training at work yesterday and boy were there some technical difficulties. The training room is set up with 16 individual monitor, mouse and keyboard stations that all feed into a computer in the room. Each station receives its own access like a normal computer so everyone can follow along without have an individual computer. Great theory. The computer was running Windows Server '03 and first wouldn't let us log on. Then it wouldn't let me open Firefox (to be fair, this was probably a Firefox program). Given that the training was internet based I had to bit the bullet and use Internet Explorer. OUCH. Man was it SLOW. And I mean SLOW. Took forever to do things. The IT guy that was sitting in was able to get Firefox running on another machine and offered it to me. He said it was running at 3x the speed of IE. So to have 2 people trained they needed an IT guy to sit in just to babysit the Windows kid. How unfortunate is it that you need to waste resources like that?
In other news the media project is a no go for the moment. Stupid MyView doesn't work with OS X, AT ALL. I even tried downloading drivers for some of their other products. Didn't work. Oh well. I've been eyeing various video cards with S-Video out. We'll see what I can come up with.

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