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Friday, October 19, 2007

Media server project....completed?

So I think my little media project is about done. Maybe... I now have the audio cables I need to hook my old G4 to my tv but I need a video card or some other way to get the picture out of the computer and onto my tv. I just picked up an old Eskape Labs My View unit that might do the trick. Supposedly this hooks into your Mac via a USB cable and miraculously spits out your display on the other end via RCA cable or S Video. huh. Great concept but we'll see if it works. Problem is I'm not sure if it will work in OS X. The guys at the computer shop said it's been sitting in their store room for 7 years so they were more than willing to let me borrow it just to see if it works. It will work in OS 9 so maybe I'll just have to boot into OS 9. At any rate it will be a great weekend project. Now I just need a Bluetooth adapter for a wireless keyboard and mouse and a wireless card for network access, and...

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