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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I'm like King Midas

Well, maybe more like his 2nd cousin, the guy whose touch turns things into broken. I managed to fry not just one but 2 computers over the weekend! Yes, yes, I'm sure you're all wondering, how did he do it? How did me make this magic happen? Well let me tell you, it was easy. I fried my new experimental IBM ThinkPad 390E after I took out the processor and reapplied thermal paste. It kept rebooting randomly and overheating was deemed the culprit. Well that won't be much of a problem now as it won't even start. Nice. Then my PC gave up the ghost. I installed two case fans to keep things running cooler and one of them was kind of old. When my wife started to smell a burning odor I told her to ignore it as I figured it was dust burning off the fun. No no, that's the musky odor of a motherboard. Ah yes, the wonderful scent of burning ozone. HMMM. Take it in, yes it's rich, hearty aroma. I guess it makes sense. It was running kind of slow, especially at startup, and the CPU fan would intermittently start late. I think it may also be the culprit of the mysterious DVD drive that wouldn't connect. But I don't think it's the motherboard's fault. I blame the power supply. This is the second board I've fried and I think my el cheapo diablotek junker is the culprit. To be safe I'll buy a new one...and a new motherboard.
That's what I like about Macs, they use quality parts. I often curse them for their proprietary parts ways but I guess here's an instance where it makes sense. If you guarantee the machines have good parts and you make them incompatible with others you're getting more reliability. More reliability equals better reputation which makes satisfied customers that evangelize your product. Makes sense to me. Not that Macs don't have hardware issues. Oh they do. Just far fewer.

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