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Tuesday, March 11, 2008


As promised, here are the benchmarks for my G4s, including the scores using Leopard. One thing I should note is that the 733mhz Quicksilver processor in the Digital Audio machine DOES win out over the original 533mhz processor. I posted previously that the 533mhz won but it doesn't look that way after I reviewed the numbers. I also included the numbers for the 733mhz QS processor in the DA board with a cooling fan (from a a Quicksilver). That seemed to make a difference in performance. I should note that there really doesn't seem to be a big difference in subjective performance ratings between Tiger and Leopard. Leopard occasionally takes a little longer to load Safari or Firefox but I think this is more due to low system memory (768MB). I haven't had much time using Leopard on the Gigabit Dual to see if it's an issue with greater memory installed.
One other thing about running Leopard on these machines is that I haven't experienced any problems so far. I've read some people using unsupported Macs are having trouble with DVD playback, Front Row, etc. So far I haven't found any issues. My guess is the people who are having trouble are the ones using the old ATI Rage Pro 16mb video cards.

Gigabit 500mhz Dual Processor (1GB RAM)
Xbench Tiger - 34.66
Xbench Leopard - 24.74

Geekbench Tiger - 504
Geekbench Leopard - 455

Digital Audio 533mhz (Single) (768MB RAM)
Xbench Tiger - 28.95
Xbench Leopard - 16.33

Geekbench Tiger - 368
Geekbench Leopard - 317

Digital Audio w/733mhz Quicksilver (768MB RAM)
Xbench Tiger - 26.63
Xbench Leopard - 16.42, 20.97 w/fan

Geekbench Tiger - 414
Geekbench Leopard - 357, 380 w/fan

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