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Monday, March 10, 2008

Entering the Leopard Age

Last week I was finally able to get a copy of Leopard. To be completely honest I was less than impressed at first glance. I didn't feel like it was performing as well as Tiger did and the new theme didn't feel right. But after a while the new look seemed to grow on me. I also decided to do a complete erase and install set-up rather than the upgrade I had previously done. The re-installation made a HUGE difference. Things definitely felt faster and more to my liking. I would highly recommend the erase and install method. After getting my Macbook Pro squared away I decided to try to get Leopard to run on my old graphite G4s (Gigabit Ethernet 500mhz dual, Digital Audio 533mhz/733mhz QS processor hack). I'll write up a post on exactly how I did this but the end of the story is a happy one, I got it to work :) So is Leopard worth the upgrade? That's debatable. Tiger was rock solid and really didn't have too many issues by version 10.4. It certainly wasn't perfect but there weren't many compelling reasons to make the change. For what I do, the upgrade is mostly cosmetic and to say you have the latest OS. Features like time capsule, stacks, expose, etc. aren't things I'll use every day but it's nice to know they're around.

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