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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Dude, I'm calling you from my new iPhone...

What's that? It sounds just like a normal phone? You can't tell at all that it's an iPhone. You're sure?

This is how many people's conversations have gone this week. So after all the standing in line the idiots have realized that it wasn't necessary. They still haven't sold out of the first batch of iPhones and the wait time from the Apple site is only 2-4 weeks. Wah wah wah. In all honesty people should hold off on buying one. Everyone knows how Apple works. They come out with a great product then they come out with a new one that has 3x the features and make you feel so dumb and inferior for having the old version that you get guilted into buying the new one. It's true.
A lot of people are speculating if Apple will release the iPhone to other companies. I don't think so. That's part of Apple's marketing gag, the exclusivity of it. How can you feel extra special and cool if you can pick one up anywhere? Believe me, Apple will churn these puppies out with At&t and ONLY At&t for as long as possible. And at only $500 who can resist?

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