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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

You get what you pay for

Well I had an interesting experience last night. I love iWeb and I was contemplating taking this blog in that direction. For those of you familiar with iWeb you'll know that's impossible as iWeb only allows you to do one site. But wait! This nifty freeware application, iWebsites, let's you run multiple iWeb sites. Nifty, huh? Well it turns out it's not so nifty. Or at least not so clear on how it works. Long story short, I ended up losing my entire website. You see, when you start up iWebsites it lists your new project and your old project. The only problem is it doesn't label your original project correctly (it says New or something). Since the panel came up with two new projects I deleted one as I didn't want to run two new projects, just one new one and my old one. Oops. That did it. So it looks like I'll be rebuilding my site from scratch. I'm also looking into other freeware web designing programs like nVu. I'll let you know how that goes. On the topic of freeware, another app that I found super useful is Speed Freak. If you run an older Mac with a PowerPC chip I highly recommend this app. It allows you to increase the amount of processor resources to the application running at the front (basically reprioritze your processor resources). I found it didn't run too well on my Mac Book Pro with Core Duo processor. It seemed like it just got confused and slowed it down. I'm guessing Speed Freak doesn't address both cores so you get a hang-up. I definitely notice a difference in my old AGP G4. Give it a shot!
PLEASE NOTE: No one asked me to post these programs, I did it on my own free will based on my personal experience.

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