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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Lord Woz

I started reading the biography of Steve Wozniak, iWoz last week. It's pretty entertaining. It's written as an easy read and basically just has Wozniak recount stories from his past. He seems to brag a bit about some stuff but overall it's good. It's hard to believe that a guy that didn't even have a degree was able to design such a sweet computer as the Apple II. It took IBM, the world's biggest computer company years to come up with a competing product, and that wasn't even very good! Amazing. I guess when you love to do something it shows up in the quality of the product.

Still no go on the iMac server project. I rewired the power supply adapter 2x and it still won't work. The Mac repair guy suggested shorting pins 1 and 4 on the motherboard, where the programmer's switch attaches. That didn't work either. HMMMM...

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