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Monday, June 25, 2007

New Week, Projects

Well today is a new day! Monday's are like a mixed blessing. Everything is new and fresh for the week but they always feel so stressful with lots of new demands and goals for the week. It evens out I guess. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are another story.

For me the weekend was sweet. I got to do a lot of fun things (among them swimming for the first time this season!) and it really felt like summer.

I even made some progress on my book about the early history of Apple Computer (Little Kingdom by Michael Moritz). I've really been getting in to Apple's history lately. This is my 3rd book on the topic and I hope to read more. It's just a fascinating story. It's amazing how close the world came to being Mac dominated rather than PC dominated. Had Apple realized early on the importance of the software, rather than the hardware, and licensed the OS things might be different. John Sculley's licensing with Microsoft also made the difference. He pretty much signed away proprietary rights of the Apple 'look and feel' and desktop arrangement to Microsoft. A small loophole in the contract allowed Microsoft to take it all and put it into Windows 95. Amazing that it took 11 years for the competition to catch up to the Mac's GUI, even with a free reign copy cat contract!

I was also able to secure more parts for my compact Mac server project. I'm hoping to put the innards of a G3 iMac into the shell of an old Mac S/E 30. I scored a hard drive I can use to test it out. I also need the drive to install OS 9 first so I can install a necessary firmware update that won't kill the system when OS X is installed. Done and Done. Now I just need a power supply.
Enjoy your day!

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