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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Power of the Mac

So it's Tuesday. That's about all I have to say about that. Not a huge fan of the Tuesday. AT ALL. I'm really dragging today so I just stole a cup of coffee from the communal pot at work. I don't contribute for the coffee but I think my coworkers will forgive me this once. It's super weak so I wouldn't pay for it anyway.

I found this interesting tidbit on the web today:

It's kind of funny because you really could do everything you basically need to do on an old Mac Plus (except for storage space. That 40MB HD won't hold much). Althouh the comparison doesn't produce any real data I still think it's a good lesson in needs versus wants. The line between the two is often confused. Do you really need something or do you just want it?
Anyway, here's a more realistic comparison that is pretty unbiased. You have to love OS X:

An interesting thing happened earlier today. I installed Safari for Windows and included the Bonjour option. I have to say that Firefox still rules supreme in my world but I like the look of Safari, very modern. Somehow the Bonjour feature has given me access to a security camera in an adjacent office. Nothing too exciting as it's only the camera to the entrance of the computer help center. I guess I can't spy on their Dungeons and Dragons game. Oh well. Well I hope your Tuesday is going well. I'm going to spy on the help center customers.

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